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The risks of automated SEO reports

While automated SEO reports can provide valuable insights into website performance and optimization opportunities, it's important to approach these results with healthy skepticism.

Automated SEO reports, commonly used by agencies, employ algorithms and predefined metrics to assess SEO health. However, they often lack the contextual understanding and nuanced analysis that human experts bring to the table.

Business owners should be cautious of any agency employing an over-reliance on automated reports and be aware of sales tactics that heavily emphasize these reports as the sole basis for decision-making. In fact, we encourage you to try running that agency’s website through their own tool and see what the results are.

These reports serve as a great starting point, but a comprehensive SEO strategy requires a human touch, tailored to the unique needs of each business and its target audience. There are many cases where optimizing a website in a specific way may have negative repercussions on another metric – and if the strategy works to get your business more revenue, that may be okay!

Partnering with an agency that combines automated tools with experienced professionals can help navigate the complexities of SEO and achieve more meaningful and impactful results.

This is why we measure results through business growth, not keyword density.

Detailed SEO Analysis of Your Website

Reports are typically between 5 to 7 pages and go into granular detail and specifics that you can do to help improve your rankings.  A valid email address is required to use our tool, but don’t worry, we won’t spam you, sell your information or anything like that.

  • Speed Factors:
    • Site Load Time
    • Page Speed
    • Server Response
  • URL Factors:
    • Domain Registration Length
    • Domain Authority
    • Canonicalization
  • Page-Level SEO Factors:
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Descriptions
    • Image Alt Tags
  • Keyword Analysis:
    • Keyword Density
    • Tags
    • Copy Analysis
  • Code Analysis:
    • Code Errors
    • Rendering Issues
    • Flash Usage
    • Markup Quality
    • HTML/CSS Files
  • Social Media Analysis:
    • Facebook/Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Google Profiles
  • Mobile Analysis:
    • Mobile Sitemaps
    • Responsive Rendering
    • Device Compatability
    • Viewport Metatags
  • Link Analysis:
    • Linking Domains
    • Page Score
    • Rank Authority
  • And so much more…

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