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May 2023 YoY Comparison. Data pulled from Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, Google Ads, and Call Tracking Software.

Plumber Advertising

City Ranked has had the honor of partnering with D&F Plumbing for over a decade.

Throughout our longstanding collaboration, we have accomplished outstanding outcomes by employing a comprehensive digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. By closely aligning our strategies with D&F Plumbing’s business goals, we have remarkably enhanced their online presence and organic search rankings. Our approach involves thorough market research, content optimization on their website, implementation of technical SEO best practices, and complementing these efforts with effective paid advertising campaigns. As a result, D&F Plumbing has established itself as a prominent player in the local plumbing industry, capturing valuable search traffic and generating high-quality leads.

D&F Plumbing has experienced such tremendous growth in business and reputation, they have expanded into a new vertical, now offering Heating & Cooling services.

Digital Marketing Tactics:

Plumber - Plumbing Contractor Advertising for D&F Plumbing in Vancouver WA

Not all heroes wear capes.
Sometimes they wear plaid.

“D&F Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is proud to service a wide area of customers throughout the Portland Metro Area. Whether your plumbing emergency happens in the middle of the night, on a weekend, or a holiday, you can count on D&F to help you when a disaster strikes.”

Our omnichannel approach to marketing for plumbers.

One of the key milestones in D&F Plumbing’s journey was the strategic rebranding to “Plumbers in Plaid,” which emphasized a more approachable, locally branded feel – very appropriate to the Portland market.

To drive this new branding initiative, we created a new website that not only showcased their expertise but also incorporated plumbing puns and lighthearted photos of their plumbers to engage and connect with the local community in an approachable way. The website was meticulously optimized for search engines, ensuring improved visibility and attracting relevant organic traffic.

Brand Awareness & Retargeting

To target users at every phase of the customer journey, we implemented a multi-faceted advertising strategy. We devised and managed Pay-Per-Click (PPC) search ads, retargeting display ads, and programmatic campaigns across various channels. These campaigns, including Over-The-Top (OTT) ads, digital billboards, and Spotify ads, enabled us to reach potential customers on platforms they frequently engage with. By deploying such a diverse range of advertising tactics, we ensured D&F Plumbing’s brand remained at the forefront of their audience’s minds, consistently generating leads and driving business growth.

Local Search & Conversion Optimization

To enhance D&F Plumbing’s local visibility on Google, we built out an extensive Service Area GPS Targeting (GPS) strategy. By optimizing their online presence across their entire service area, we ensured that potential customers searching for plumbing services within the neighborhoods they serve would find D&F Plumbing prominently displayed in search results. This comprehensive local SEO approach significantly boosted their visibility and positioned them as a go-to choice for plumbing services in the area.

Plumber - Plumbing Contractor Advertising for D&F Plumbing in Vancouver WA

While D&F Plumbing handles their social media internally, we work together to ensure our digital marketing efforts seamlessly integrate with their social media presence. We ensure the alignment of our broader marketing strategy, amplifying their online presence and driving consistent engagement with their target audience. Together, our collaborative efforts have led to D&F Plumbing’s impressive business growth, positioning them as a trusted and recognizable name in the local plumbing industry.

Specific tactics employed at each phase of the marketing funnel.

  • Brand Building Campaigns
    • Recruiting: Spotify Ads, Linkedin Ads
    • Customers: Display Ads, Digital Billboards, Spotify Ads
    • Advanced Targeting: Homeowners showing signs of preparing to remodel.
  • Social Media
    • Handled internally, coordinated efforts.
  • Advanced Targeting Campaigns
    • Homeowners before/during extreme weather conditions – target for plumbing repair, burst pipe repair.
    • Homeowners with search history and purchasing habits indicating frequent use of DIY solutions to fix clogged drains.
  • Content Marketing
    • Long-tail search term targeting, with schema markup. Example: “Why is my garbage disposal pooling water?” or “Why is my toilet not flushing properly?”
  • Retargeting Campaigns
    • Serve ads to users who visited the site for long-tail search terms to remind them about D&F.
  • Service Area GPS Targeting (GPS SEO)
    • Sending signals to Google to reinforce local visibility and gain higher rankings in the maps for relevant search terms.
  • Google Search & Bing Ads
    • Targeting intent-based search terms.
      Example: Drain Cleaning, Drain Snaking, Plumbing Repair
  • Content Marketing
    • Sales-forward content for intent-based search terms. Example: Plumbing Remodel Contractor, French Drain Installation
  • Call Audits
    • Review phone calls and conversation similarities to make suggestions for sales team improvements.
  • Conversion Optimization
    • Develop conversion-driving elements on the website, including coupons and popup special offers.
  • Reputation Management
    • Monitor online reputation across Google Business Profile and other major industry listings to encourage new customer conversions.
  • Review Acquisition
    • Summit Reviews App – incentivizes employees to request reviews from satisfied customers.
  • Reputation Management
    • Ongoing monitoring of new customer reviews across Google Business Profile and social platforms, review responses to promote engagement.
Marketing Funnel - Buying Cycle | City Ranked Digital Marketing Agency

Improved digital performance.

Graph depicting rising geographic traffic in Oregon quarter over quarter for D&F Plumbing

Local Visibility

With the rollout of GPS SEO and advanced schema markup, we were able to target users in a more precise service area. We drove a 112% increase in relevant traffic from the Portland Metro area.

Source: Google Analytics
6/2022-5/2023 YoY

Graph depicting rising traffic since January 2022 for D&F Plumbing

Organic Traffic

By focusing on regular content marketing, organic optimization, and local visibility strategies, we have demonstrated a consistent increase in organic traffic for D&F Plumbing, despite the regular effects seasonality has on the Plumbing industry.

Source: Google Analytics

Graph depicting rising call volume monthly for D&F Plumbing

Major spikes in overall upward trend driven by advanced targeting during heatwaves and winter storms.

Call Volume

With our combined efforts across the website, GBP, PPC/LSA, and programmatic advertising campaigns, we have consistently increased D&F Plumbing’s call volume, with an average increase of 149% each year since 2019.

Source: CallRail, Unique Callers

Graph depicting rising traffic since 2016 for D&F Plumbing

Business Growth

7-Year Lookback at Lead Volume

D&F Plumbing’s rebranded website and GPS SEO initiatives were launched in 2020. Ultimately, we measure the success of our clients by business growth – tremendous traffic is meaningless unless it results in closed leads and increased revenue.

Source: Google Analytics

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