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May 2023 YoY Comparison. Data pulled from Google Analytics, Google Business Profile, Google Ads, and Call Tracking Software.

Landscaper Advertising

We are proud to partner with Brightwater Irrigation & Lighting, an esteemed landscape lighting and irrigation contractor based in Florida.

At City Ranked, we take immense pride in collaborating with businesses that share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With Brightwater Irrigation & Lighting’s unmatched expertise in creating breathtaking outdoor lighting designs and our strategic digital marketing solutions, including designing and developing a brand-new website, implementing powerful SEO strategies, and managing effective paid search campaigns, we continually deliver outstanding results in business growth. Through our ongoing partnership, we work together to illuminate their brand and showcase their exceptional services to a growing audience.

Digital Marketing Tactics:

BirghtWater Landscape Irrigation and Lighting Contractor Advertising - Digital Marketing for Landscapers

A vibrant and well-lit landscape will bring your property to life, even at night.

“At BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting, we strive to help you elevate your outdoor space with gorgeous landscape lighting and sustainable irrigation systems. From energy and water conservation to visual designs that complement your style, we can help with it all.”

Our omnichannel approach to marketing for landscape design.

Through a comprehensive approach that encompasses content marketing, organic optimization, local search visibility, paid search campaigns, and local services ads, City Ranked empowers Brightwater Irrigation & Lighting to achieve substantial growth in their business through digital marketing.

Local Search Visibility & SERP Coverage

As a local landscape design company, it’s crucial for Brightwater to visible to potential customers in their area, so our primary focus is in maximizing their visibility in the search results. We combine organic content marketing, GPS SEO tactics, and Google Business Profile (GBP) optimization for local search visibility.

Additionally, we leverage Local Service Ads (LSAs) and Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns to further expand their reach and ensure the search results are saturated with the Brightwater brand.

Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising

In addition to organic optimization, City Ranked implements strategic paid search campaigns on platforms like Google Ads.

Through targeted keyword research and ad creation, we ensure that Brightwater’s ads are displayed to potential customers who are actively searching for landscape lighting services in their area. By closely monitoring campaign performance, optimizing ad copy, and refining targeting parameters, we help Brightwater maximize their ad spend and generate quality leads for their business.

Specific tactics employed at each phase of the marketing funnel.

Brightwater Irrigation & Lighting is at our Phase 1: Groundwork stage and has been working with City Ranked for 8 months (October 2022). Our focus is on building the foundation for their future Digital Marketing success as we grow their business in a measured, strategic way.

At this stage, our focus is on Interest, Intent, and Purchase.

  • Retargeting Campaigns
    • Serve ads to users who visited the site for long-tail search terms to remind them about Brightwater.
  • Service Area GPS Targeting (GPS SEO)
    • Sending signals to Google to reinforce local visibility and gain higher rankings in the maps for relevant search terms.
  • Local Service Ads
    • Google Guarantee badge for intent-based searches.
  • Google Pay-per-Click (PPC) Ads
    • Targeting intent-based search terms.
      Example: Landscape Lighting, Landscape Irrigation
  • Content Marketing
    • Sales-forward content for intent-based search terms. Example: Landscape Lighting Contractor, Outdoor Lighting Repair
  • Conversion Optimization
    • Develop conversion-driving elements on the website, including coupons and popup special offers.
  • Reputation Management
    • Monitor online reputation across Google Business Profile and other major industry listings to encourage new customer conversions.

As Brightwater continues to grow and advance through the City Ranked phases, we will layer on additional digital marketing strategies to drive growth at a rate that the business can handle and sustain.

  • Phase 2: Lead Generation
    • Advanced Content Marketing (Intent)
    • Call Audits & Coaching (Purchase)
    • Social Media (Awareness)
  • Phase 3: Lead Nurturing
    • Email Marketing (Purchase, Loyalty)
    • Appointment Scheduling (Purchase)
    • Marketing Automations (Purchase)
  • Phase 4: Brand Positioning
    • Brand Protection (Awareness)
    • Advanced Demographic Targeting (Awareness)
  • Phase 5: Market Saturation
    • Service Area Expansion
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
Marketing Funnel - Buying Cycle | City Ranked Digital Marketing Agency

Improved digital performance.

Graph depicting rising geographic traffic in Florida quarter over quarter for BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting

Local Visibility

With the rollout of GPS SEO and advanced schema markup, we were able to target users in a more precise service area. We drove a 112% increase in relevant traffic from the Orlando FL metro area.

Source: Google Analytics
10/2022-5/2023 vs Prior Period

Graph depicting rising traffic monthly for BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting

Organic Traffic

By focusing on regular content marketing, organic optimization, and local visibility strategies, we have demonstrated a consistent increase in organic traffic for Brightwater.

Source: Google Analytics

Graph depicting rising call volume monthly for BrightWater Irrigation & Lighting

Major spike in March attributable to seasonality – early spring is a major driver in landscape overhauls.

Call Volume

With our combined efforts across the website, GBP, PPC, and LSA, we have consistently increased Brightwater’s call volume each month.

Source: CallRail, Unique Callers

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