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Pay-Per-Click Management

Search Engine Marketing

ROI Positive PPC Management

City Ranked leverages years of real-world experience and knowledge mixed with industry-leading PPC management software to deliver an unmatched return on investment to our customers. You’ll never have to wonder if your search marketing is working because City Ranked proves it every single day.

Local Search Marketing

One of the most common questions when it comes to local small businesses is how to effectively market themselves online when people are ready to buy locally. Understanding how local buyers make decisions, and where to advertise can be a challenge. City Ranked understands local marketing, and more importantly the right products to place clients in for the best possible returns.

Local Search Marketing

AI & Machine Learning Software

City Ranked takes a unique approach to managing our clients SEM campaigns, focusing on real-world metrics such as machine-learning scored leads, campaign level cost per acquisition, and many other metrics to deliver an unmatched ROI for our customers.

We use industry-leading SEM software that's powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to calculate thousands of bid and campaign strategies in real-time, making adjustments to client campaigns, helping to meet and/or exceed campaign goals.

Search Engine Marketing

Text Ads and Display Remarketing

At the core of what we do when it comes to Search Engine Marketing are the search engine core offerings of text ads and remarketing/retargeting ads. City Ranked offers expert PPC management of simple to complex ad campaigns focused on ROI. We use some of the industries leading reporting and management tools to optimize client campaigns down to the keyword level to ensure we're driving quality and qualified leads to meet or exceed client acqusition targets.

Test Ads and Display Remarketing

Programmatic Digital Marketing

It's all about leveraging data when it comes to targeting your most qualified prospects. City Ranked has access to ad inventory and data sets to target people actively searching for the services you provide.

Learn more about the power of prorammatic advertising by clicking the link below.

Programmatic Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click Management

Search Engine Marketing, also known as Pay-Per-Click is an important marketing tool for almost any small business because it can propel your website and lead generation quickly, is completely scalable and is ultra-targeted. Furthermore, its effectiveness can be measured with pinpoint precision, and, the best part, you only pay when someone searching for your product or service views your business…imagine the possibilities.

Goal Establishment

What do you want to accomplish with your Search Marketing strategy? What do you want your prospects to do when they find your business? Where are your customers geographically? How much could that person mean for your business in terms of revenue? These are just a few of the questions that we will ask to help you build and clearly define goals for your Search Marketing campaign.

Keyword Research, Selection, Tuning

We have the tools available to identify what keywords and keyword strings your most valued prospects are searching for. We help you identify these keywords, and make ongoing adjustments to these keywords to maximize return on your best-performing strings, making adjustments where necessary.

Face-To-Face Meetings

Here is where we really separate ourselves from our competition. When was the last time you worked with a digital marketing agency that insisted on meeting with you every month? At City Ranked, we have found that this is the key to our client’s success. We’ve found that open communication with our clients is a must-have ingredient. Each month, or more often depending on your service level,  we will conduct a meeting to identify areas of success, areas for improvement, opportunities, and special projects for us to complete to help you grow and maintain a strong internet presence.

We leverage industry-leading publisher platform software to identify and maximize results from all aspects of internet advertising and placement.

Keyword Bid Management

How much is that keyword? What position will that put me in? Where is the best place for me to be? These are just a few of the many questions we get regarding bid management. Our bid management technique is simple…play by the search engine’s rules. We deliver highly targeted ads through highly targeted campaigns to maintain what the search engines call a high “quality score”. This ensures you pay the least amount per click, with the highest position possible, within your parameters.

For clients with larger budgets, City Ranked uses industry-leading Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning programs to complete thousands of calculations every hour to help our clients achieve their desired KPI’s.

Compelling Ads – Creative Development

We focus on a metric called Click-Through-Rate, or CTR for short. This metric measures the effectiveness of an ad, meaning how many times the ad was shown divided by the number of times it was clicked on. The resulting percentage is a direct reflection on the ad that was delivered and how well it was targeted. The bigger the percentage, the better the ad…and the search engines like that.

Many of our competitors will do the opposite, deliver a ton of ads, to get the desired ad clicks. This is a counter-productive exercise as it drives down your quality score, increases your click cost, and will ultimately lead to lower positioning on the search engine results page (SERP).

Some of Our Partners

What we do works.
Our work delivers results, and we can prove it.

Our PPC Management Works

What we do works. Growing businesses…is our business.

Since 2010 City Ranked has proven time and again that our methods, experience, and expertise will show a positive ROI for our clients, no guessing because we prove it each and every month.

City Ranked reports on “real-world” metrics that matter to a business.

Real phone calls, real website inquiries, real customers…that’s what matters to a business owner, and that’s what matters to us.


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Real-Life Client Example

City Ranked was retained by a large home services provider to revamp and relaunch a failing Search Engine Marketing program that they felt their prior provider was not delivering quality leads on. The client felt that the leads being reported were not indeed all “real” leads, the prior agency pointed to the customers’ service team as the issue in closing leads, resulting in a dismal ROI.

  • City Ranked rebuilt all campaigns from scratch, employing a competitive ad group strategy to reduce CPC, and drive relevance of the client’s ads.
  • City Ranked managed the account at the publisher level, pushing ad budget to networks that were producing at a lower cost per acquisition.
  • Ad budget was allocated to other SEM products such as banner ads, Local Search, and Programmatic Ads to drive awareness through the entire buying process.
  • Results achieved were an increase of 30% in conversion rate for the customer and a 10% drop in cost per acquisition. 

Jim Melton
SEO Strategist

Jim Melton

I’ve never worked for another business that placed such an emphasis on internal growth and on-the-job learning. I take pride in helping local businesses grow and thrive.

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