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Website Graphic Design

Does your website reflect your company’s branding? Who are you targeting with the design elements on your site? At City Ranked, we’re dedicated to making sure your digital footprint reflects your company, attracting the right customers to grow your business.

Graphic Design Services to Support Your Website

You have invested in branding your business: you know exactly how you want your company to look and feel. We’ll use every component of that branding when we build or improve your website. From font choices to the tone of the content on your site, we’ll make sure your company is expressed through every element.

Don’t have existing branding yet? No problem! We’ll help you create your own unique branding, identifying your target audience and catering your website’s look, content, and visual elements, to attract and retain the customer base you need to grow your business.

We're Focused on User Experience

We care about how people use our websites. When graphic design principles are applied to websites, they don’t always match up with usability. Because we have in-house designers who understand how website development works, we can make sure every aspect of your website is not only beautiful but fully functional. From the color of your sidebar to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines, we’ll craft a user experience that every one of your customers can enjoy.

Mobile Responsive Website Design

More internet traffic takes place on mobile devices than ever before. We want to harness that traffic for you! Our team uses dynamic elements to attract and keep internet users interacting with your site, in a way that is fully optimized for all devices. We can style your website and create custom graphics that improve your brand identity and increase conversions:

  • Custom Animations
  • Moving Objects
  • Hover States
  • Customized Thumbnails for URL Sharing
  • Quality Infographics for Easy-to-Digest Information
  • Social Media Graphics

We Use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Grow Your Business

It’s not all pixels and font choices – we also use hard numbers to make sure these design choices are working! Conversion Rate Optimization is the process of tracking the number of visitors your website receives and comparing that to the number of sales inquiries your website produces. We want to make sure people go to your website, but we also want to make sure they become your customer!

This is a really important metric for a small business to evaluate when considering a website redesign. We shape every element of your website to encourage conversions. For many businesses, a jump of even a small percentage in conversions can mean thousands of extra dollars into their business.

Shape Your Business with City Ranked

We’ve used the principles of website graphic design on countless websites, shaping and molding a website’s presence to make it appealing, navigable, and compelling. If you’re interested in growing your company’s online presence, contact City Ranked today!

Website Graphic Design in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

City Ranked is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Clients in Oregon, Washington & Select Industries Nationwide:

Portland OR | Gresham | Beaverton | Hillsboro | Tigard | Oregon City | Vancouver WA Seattle WA | Bend OR | San Francisco CA | Chicago IL | Orlando FL

Graphic Design

Design Services for Building Your Brand

Build on your brand identity.
Your company’s brand, if carefully constructed, can sustain and build your business for years to come. Are you ready to build your brand and elevate your company to the next level of growth? City Ranked is ready to help!

Brand Books and Brand Guidelines

As your business grows, it's important to use the same branding across all projects, both digital and physical, to ensure your customers know who you are. Don't have your branding yet? We can help!
Branding Services

Custom Print Design: Brochures, Business Cards

From business cards to brochures, tradeshow banners to billboards, City Ranked can translate your company's brand to any medium of print.
Custom Print Design

The Importance of Consistent Professional Branding

The goal of consistent branding is simple: to generate a familiarity with a company, product, or service, building trust and loyalty. The emotional connection you create between a customer and your business helps define your company’s quality and substance.

High quality branding and design can elevate the perceived value of your business, driving sales, customer growth, and long-term sustainability. When a well-crafted, carefully designed brand is compared to a poorly-designed, sloppy brand, the difference is immediately clear: one company believes in what they do, and the other company does not.

Which kind of company do you want to be?

Does Your Branding Work?

You have a great company and provide exceptional service, but do people recognize you on the streets?

Good graphic design builds your company’s style, announcing to the world exactly how your company works and operates. A solid brand will be apparent in everything you do, whether you’re passing out brochures, printing labels, or sending professional letterhead. Your company’s brand should be immediately recognizable – iconic.
The more your customers connect your logo to how they feel about your company, the more successful your business will be.

Professional Graphic Design 

The graphic designers at City Ranked Media will curate every step of the branding process. We’ll collaborate with you on the perfect logo, design a custom color palette, and create compelling ads for print media. We can bring your brand to life, creating a tailored media approach for everything your company will use for years to come.

Our Graphic Designers are Experts in:

  • Custom Logo Design
  • Brand Books (Brand Guidelines)
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Letterhead
  • Billboards
  • Magazine Ads
  • Postcards / Rack Cards
  • Doorhangers
  • Presentation Folders
  • Tradeshow Materials
  • And More…
Golden Corral Buffet Restaurants
D&F Plumbing
Western Exterminator Company
Clark College Foundation
People's Community Credit Union
Stark's Vacuums
Ehrlich Pest Control

What we do works.
Our work delivers results, and we can prove it.

We focus on business growth.

What we do works, and we can prove it.

At City Ranked, we shift the focus from keyword rankings to actual business growth. Who cares if your site ranks #1 on Google for a specific keyword if you don’t see positive growth in yearly revenue?

We’ve put together a few case studies showcasing the tremendous growth we’ve helped our clients see, across several industries.

See Our Case Studies >

Growing Your Business with Professional Design Materials

The difference between a company with professionally branded marketing materials and one without may seem insignificant, but can totally change the perception of your business in your customers eyes.

City Ranked focuses on making your brand approachable, professional, and industry-appropriate in order to attract the right customers to your website.

Whether you need new business cards, a logo redesign, or pamphlets and door hangers, our graphic designers will ensure your company is set up for success and growth.

Nathan Craciun
Web Developer

Nathan Craciun - Web Developer at City Ranked Media in Vancouver WA

Working at City Ranked
gives me the opportunity to do what I love all while making a difference in the community. It’s nice knowing that the work I do directly impacts local business owners and helps them pursue their dreams. It’s a pleasure being a part of a team like City Ranked that knows their stuff and is committed to delivering results.

Graphic Design Services in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

City Ranked is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Clients in Oregon, Washington & Select Industries Nationwide:

Portland OR | Gresham | Beaverton | Hillsboro | Tigard | Oregon City | Vancouver WA Seattle WA | Bend OR | San Francisco CA | Chicago IL | Orlando FL