Getting Reviews For Your Business Online

Getting Online Reviews For Your Business

Consumers rely on reading reviews these days to form opinions and decisions on everything from where to eat, to what to buy, to what businesses to do business with. In our fast moving digital world, reviews speak volumes about your business and offer potential customers social proof whether they should choose you, or one of your competitors.

Consumers have fundamentally changed their buying process from what it was just a few short years ago, now relying heavily on reading reviews to form decisions on everything from what toaster to buy, to where each year, consumers are turning to online reviews more and more to make their buying decisions easier.

How Consumers Use Reviews

Reviews seem to be everywhere online, and rightfully so as reviews are read 91% of the time before making buying decisions. According to BrightLocals survey, consumers use reviews in the following ways:

    • 95% of people say they search for local businesses online.
    • 91% of people read online reviews about local businesses.
    • 63% of people use search engines to find reviews, 37% use online review sites.
    • 90% of people say they read at least 10 reviews before they can trust a local business.

to eat, to which plumber is the best in their local area.

Each year BrightLocal compiles a Local Consumer Review Survey, and just as it has shown

  • Average star rating is the most important factor considered by consumers.
  • 73% of consumers consider reviews over 3 months old to be irrelevant. 
  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust a local business more.
  • 84% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

Tapping into the Power of Online Reviews for Your Business

Clearly as seen by the percentages above, growing and maintaining a positive review stream should be a top consideration for any business wanting to remain competitive in today’s digital world.

Ask almost any business owner and they would agree that getting positive reviews for their business is important to them. For many business owners, getting positive reviews is a frustrating challenge, and because of this getting reviews is often pushed off to another day.

The secret to getting online reviews for your business is that it has to be easy. Easy for you and your employees, and easy for your customers.

Get Online Reviews Easily via Text Message or Email

Here at City Ranked Media we understood the power of good reviews and what it could do for a business. Understanding the importance of attaining reviews, and understanding that we needed to make the process simple for our customers, as well as their customers, we developed the Go Local Reviews App.

Go Local Reviews – The Easy Online Review System

This app makes getting reviews easy, just open the app on any internet connected device, enter your customer’s name, cell number or email and press submit.

You customer receives a text message or email within a few seconds, and the app guides them through a super simple process to leave a review for you right from their cell phone. The whole process from beginning to end takes less that 3 minutes.

get reviews via text message and email

The app doesn’t stop there. The app also tracks who’s asking for reviews and who’s not by notifying you as the business owner every time a review is requested. The service also comes with weekly review monitoring and interactive reporting.

Get Reviews For Your Business – Affordably

Our review app has been tested with many many small businesses, and we took the feedback from these businesses to create our newest version which was built with affordability in mind.

Many review platforms on the web today come with fancy back-end dashboards and other features that inflate the prices of these platforms. When we tested our review app with our customers, one thing held true, most business owners said they would never use a back-end dashboard and would rather have regular reports email to them for review. Since we didn’t spend a ton of time and resources on building a custom dashboard for our app, we can offer our app for up to 75% less than some of our competitors.

Want to learn more about our review app? Visit our information page and demo request here: GoLocalReviews – Text Message Review App


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Getting Reviews For Your Business Online in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

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Getting Reviews For Your Business Online

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