SEO Code Innovation: Targeting SEO Through GPS Location

GPS Targeted SEO

We here at City Ranked have been busy testing, retesting, and refining SEO tactics based upon GPS coordinates of web enabled devices. Most internet enabled devices manufactured in the last few years including laptops, tablets, and smartphones have some sort of GPS locating feature built into them. These features are being used by search engines and social media sites alike to serve better and more refined results to end users.

The Challenge Get Our Clients Ranked Based Upon GPS Coordinates

Our goal has always been to place our customers in the highest position for local search, so naturally we took on the challenge of trying to get our customers to show up higher in results based upon the GPS coordinates of end user devices.

The GPS SEO Test

During the first quarter of this year, the staff here at City Ranked Media started quietly testing a new and innovative way to send the search engines marked-up code using JavaScript, schema markup, and the Google Map Maker API to indicate our customers’ various service areas within their towns. We initially tested this on City Ranked Media Enterprise Level clients in three major markets–Seattle, Portland, and Las Vegas–for extremely competitive keywords.

We tested all three locations using Apple iPhones, as well as Samsung, testing in the same locations within each city. Tests were completed using Safari, as well as Google’s Chrome App. All tests were completed in incognito mode, using cellular data, not wifi.

The SEO and Design Work

Initial testing showed moderate improvements to client positioning organically, and in Google Maps listings, improvements were up by as much as 50% in keyword rankings over the initial 90-day test. However, these improvements weren’t enough to move these customers to acceptable rankings for these competitive keywords.

Seeing that we were heading in the right direction, we retooled our coding, our markup, and our integration with Google Map Maker to see if we could move rankings to first page positioning. Several development, coding, and testing hours were invested to revamp our delivery of this new SEO to the search engines, helping them better understand our customers’ service areas and key service offerings.

Particular attention was paid to the keywords “[Keyword]” and “[Keyword] + Near Me” without city names or states attached to these queries. Often on mobile devices, these city and state keywords are left out in favor of shorter keyword searches. The new coding would rely heavily on the ability of the new markup and code to communicate with the search engines that these customers served within these specific areas of town.

The Results of the New GPS SEO CodingLocal Google Maps SEO by GPS location

The second set of results at local GPS SEO fared much better. Each client’s targeted keyword(s) in the geographies we optimized for saw dramatic improvements in search rankings for both Google Maps and Organic rankings.

Clients saw an improvement from an 8 position increase on the low end, to over 80 position improvements for the most competitive keyword(s) for their industry. These higher rankings affect everything from the quality of web prospects driven, conversion rates, and increased call volume from Google Maps, and organic listings.

What This Means for You and Local SEO Rankings

Search Engine Optimization based upon GPS coordinates testing has proved beneficial to rankings on search engine results. City Ranked Media can now help our customers achieve higher rankings in areas of town that they would like to target. This new SEO, combined with Google’s newest algorithm update named Possum, can make it possible for us to rank clients in Google Maps, even if they don’t have a physical location in a specific area of town. This new SEO also enables us to positively affect rankings organically.

SEO Code Innovation: Targeting SEO Through GPS Location in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

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SEO Code Innovation: Targeting SEO Through GPS Location

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