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Our History

Founded in 2010, City Ranked was founded on the simple premise to provide outstanding digital marketing to the SMSE business segement utilizing a completely transparent business model.

Our Mission & Vision

It has always been the goal of City Ranked to deliver unmatched internet marketing products and services utilizing a completely transparent business model. We matched our desire to do the right thing for business owners with our drive to innovate new ideas, to create a completly different model on how digital marketing is conducted. It has been this model that has earned us long-term clients, helping our customer base grow their businesses year after year.

Since 2010, City Ranked continues to deliver on our promises made. It's this commitment to service and innovation that has earned us several awards in our industry.

In 2019 and 2020, City Ranked was independently judged and ranked #9 and #10 for small business and enterprise level SEO Services, as well we placed #15 for Integrated PPC & SEO Strategies. These rankings were achieved when compared to over 50,000 other agencies nationwide. The awards were completly unsolicited and unpaid.

City Ranked History

When City Ranked opened our doors in 2010, we did it with the simple premise to provide ethical and fair internet marketing services and products to our customers. When structuring City Ranked and it's product offerings, our founder took his experiences while working at a larger digital marketing agency and challenged himself to change what business owners disliked about working with big business advertsing companies.

Some of the differences that City Ranked offers are:

  • No need for long-term contracts. City Ranked differentiates itself by asking new clients to give us 90 days to show that what we do works. After the intial 90 days is completed, our clients go on a month-to-month agreement. Our clients are free to leave at anytime should they feel that we're not earning their business each and every month.
  • Customer owned results and property. Everything that City Ranked does for our clients is portable, and non-proprietary (excluding City Ranked copyrighted and licensed code and saoftware). Websites and on-page SEO are developed on the WordPress platform, should a client decide to discontinue services, they are free to do so at any time.
  • Monthly (or more often) meetings and documented work. City Ranked staff conducts regular meetings with our clients to discuss recommendations on a clients account to consistantly improve results. In addition, City Ranked utilizes a industry leading ticketing and work-flow system, our clients know they're getting their fair share of work because they're updated throughout the entire process on work being completed.

City Ranked History in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

City Ranked is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Clients in Oregon, Washington & Select Industries Nationwide:

Portland OR | Gresham | Beaverton | Hillsboro | Tigard | Oregon City | Vancouver WA Seattle WA | Bend OR | San Francisco CA | Chicago IL | Orlando FL