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Graphic design, as it pertains to websites and online media, is the artistic science of creating an emotional connection to the services your company offers. This connection projects the quality of your product, encouraging your customers to value your company and services more highly. In today’s competitive market, it’s more important than ever to make sure your customers have a completely satisfying experience. From their first glance at your website, to their purchase of your product, every step of the way needs to make people feel good!

What do you your competitors’ websites look like? How does your current website measure up?

By investing a little in your website now, you can reap huge rewards.

At City Ranked Media, we’re dedicated to improving our clients’ presence on the internet. Website graphic design is just one of the ways we accomplish this. Our graphic design efforts focus on five key components: branding, dynamic elements, user experience, high quality imagery, and conversion rate optimization.

We Love Your Branding

You have invested in branding your business: you know exactly how you want your company to look and feel. We’ll use every component of that branding when we build or improve your website. From font choice to the tone of the content, we’ll make sure your company is expressed through every element.

Don’t have existing branding? No problem! We’ll help you create your own unique branding, so your customers will know exactly who you are as a company.

We’re Focused on User Experience

We care about how people use our websites. When graphic design principles are applied to websites, they don’t always match up with usability. Because we have in-house designers who understand how website development works, we can make sure every aspect of your website is beautiful and functional. From the color of your sidebar to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines, we’ll craft a user experience that every one of your customers can enjoy.

We Use Dynamic Elements

More internet traffic takes place on mobile devices than ever before. We want to harness that traffic for you! Our team using dynamic elements–both seen and unseen–to attract and keep internet users interacting with your site. From animations to moving objects, we make sure that every page of your website functions exactly as it should, whether it’s being viewed on a mobile device or a laptop!

We Believe in High Quality Imagery

Sharing images and websites has become one of the central functions of the internet. We use high quality imagery for your website, taking into consideration your unique branding and style. Here are just a few of the ways we use imagery:

  • Customized URL sharing images
    • Every time your website is shared via text, we can enhance your link with a customizable image.
    • This increases brand recognition, as well as compelling potential customers to click.
  • Quality infographics
    • Internet users are compelled by easy-to-digest information. Infographics are a great way to convey facts and boost your perceived value.
  • Social media graphics
    • Social media platforms are built around one thing: sharing. We format the images on your social posts to be easily shared by any platform.

We Use Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to Grow Your Business

It’s not all pixels and font choices–we also use hard numbers to make sure these design choices are working! Conversion rate optimization is the process of tracking the amount of visitors your website receives, and comparing that to the number of sales inquiries your website produces. We want to make sure people go to your website, but we also want to see if they pursue your product!

This is a really important metric for a small business to consider when considering a website redesign. We shape every element of your website to encourage conversions. For many businesses, a jump of even a small percentage in conversions can mean thousands of extra dollars into their business.

Shape Your Business With City Ranked

We’ve used the principles of website graphic design on countless websites, shaping and molding a website’s presence to make it appealing, navigable, and compelling. If you’re interested in growing your company’s online presence, contact City Ranked today!

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