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City Ranked Media is the most equipped SEO Company to handle your small business’ internet marketing needs. Learn why below!

An SEO agency that works…

The proof that what we do, works.

Unlike many SEO and web design agencies, we want to prove that what we do produces results. At City Ranked Media we utilize industry leading tracking techniques to show a client’s return on investment. Other SEO agencies want to track metrics like keyword rankings, links, shares, and others. At City Ranked our philosophy is simple: track the metrics that matter. Metrics like number of phone calls, form submissions, shopping cart sales and others like these are what ultimately drive business revenue increases, so that’s exactly what we focus our efforts on.

Our clients judge our services based on agreed-upon measurable metrics, and our percentage attainment of these goals.


An agency with proven SEO results…

Reporting that shows what we’re doing.

At City Ranked Media, it’s important to us that our clients understand what we’re doing for them. We’ve invested in a robust set of reporting tools, along with building some of our own. Clients are notified in real-time about account changes and progress of activities. These notifications can be personalized to what the client wants. Our reporting tools have many features, including:

  • Real-time website conversion reporting and lead scoring.
  • Real-time reporting of work being completed on your marketing program.
  • Live Customer Dashboard – get real-time reports through our custom dashboard.
  • Robust conversion rate analytics tracking one or several metrics simultaneously.
  • Monthly overview reporting with detailed tracking on goals and targets.
  • And much more…

An agency that focuses on your success…

We’re vested in your success.

Here at City Ranked Media we want your feedback. Each month (more often for larger accounts) we meet with you face-to-face or online to discuss your results, benchmark our targets, and discuss areas for improvement. We’ve found these regular meetings to be the catalyst for growth for many of our clients, therefore we highly recommend every one of our clients take advantage of this included service.

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