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Social Media Ads Management

With extensive demographic targeting options, Social Media platforms are an increasingly effective way to target potential new customers and generate leads.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an affordable form of digital marketing that connects your business directly to ideal customers, targeting a specific location and demographic variables. With over 2 billion users to choose from, Facebook allows you to strategically place your ads on the news feeds of your perfect customers, on a reasonable budget.

At City Ranked, we start by identifying your company’s objective or outcome. We can focus on brand awareness, brand loyalty, driving sales on your website, setting up new appointments, downloading an app, or highlighting an event or sale. Once the objective is set, we determine your best audience, when and where to display the ads, and set a budget. With this groundwork set, we can create a Facebook advertising campaign that perfectly reflects your company – through a set of photos, infographics, or videos.

How Can a Local Business Use Facebook Ads?

Here are a few examples of successful campaign ideas:

  • Sandwich shops advertising their lunch special to users within 1 mile of their brick and mortar location between 8 am-11 am, Monday through Friday.
  • Furniture stores advertising their newest products to users who have recently shopped for furniture on competitor retail websites.
  • An HVAC company advertising their seasonal specials to homeowners with homes larger than 2500 square feet, in the desired salary range.

Facebook is arguably the largest digital gathering place in the world – why not meet your potential customers where they already are?

Social Media Ads Management in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

City Ranked is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Clients in Oregon, Washington & Select Industries Nationwide:

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