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Responsive Website Design

for Today’s Web Enabled Devices

mobile webAs more and more people go mobile with such devices as Tablets, Smart Phones, and other wireless devices, it is becoming more and more important to address website design that will work on these devices, as well as be compatible with the different internet browsers available today.   Over the past two years, mobile internet use has increased over 500%.  Your customers are looking for your business more and more while on the go.  It has become very important for businesses to be able to engage their customers on these types of devices.

When considering how to engage your customers on the go, for most businesses there are two solutions: Responsive Design and Mobile Design. Each has specific applications, and your needs, as well as your customers’ needs should be addressed when making this decision.

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What is Responsive Website Design?  Responsive Design is a website that’s built with specific code that allows us to build a website that will adapt to whatever device and screen size it’s being viewed on.  A website that’s built with Responsive Design will automatically re-size itself based upon the device that is viewing it, so whether someone is viewing the site on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, we are able to design a functional site with the end user in mind, based on the device type that is accessing the website.

Benefits to Responsive Web Design

There are a lot of benefits to Responsive Website Design.  With this type of web design, only one website needs to be updated when changes occur.  Mobile website have a separate url, and therefore they’re a separate website that will need to be updated each time a change is made that you want to appear on the mobile version of your website.  Responsive design is also more friendly for search engines, and you only have to focus on attaining rankings for one site.  Adding conversion and redirect codes is much easier with Responsive Design.

Responsive web design can ultimately lessen long-term maintenance of your website, allowing you as the business owner to focus resources on attracting qualified visitors to your website, as opposed to spending money on constant redevelopment.