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What is Structured Data Markup?

If you’re like most people spending most of your search engine time using Google or Bing, you may have noticed that some changes have appeared to the way some websites display on the free side (organic) of these engines.  You may have even asked yourself how do I get my website to stand out like the example to the right. Well the answer is Structured Data, or as Google refers to it; Rich snippet structured data markup seo comapny portland oregon vancouver wa

Structured Data For Local Search Optimization

The best thing about structured data markup is that it doesn’t cost a thing to implement if you have coding experience.  Google doesn’t charge to show this data, and neither does Bing.  They show this data to improve end user experience helping their users find the information they’re searching for quickly and easily, which obviously improves end user experience.

The benefits in implementing structured data into a local business website should be pretty easy to see.  Gaining additional valuable real estate on the search engine results page, the addition of “gold stars” “prices” “pictures” and more can easily be achieved when structured data is correctly implemented into a local business website.  Some studies have shown that websites that implement structured data into their website see 150% more organic clicks versus websites without structured data.

Implementing Structured Data on Your Website

Structured data is fairly easy to implement on a website with a little programming and coding knowledge.  The markup is readily available at for many different site structures.  Local businesses can really set themselves apart from their competition by taking advantage of markup for many different items on their website, such as: Customer Reviews, Menus, Product Information, Pricing, & Availability, Events, Authorship, Images, Organizations, People and more.

If you’re ready to implement structured data onto your website, City Ranked Media offers this type of service for our customers.  Give us a call today and we’ll show you how this embedded data on your website can make your business stand out.