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At City Ranked, we live and breathe SEO, letting it drive every decision we make.

Website Search Engine Optimization

Don’t be fooled, all SEO isn’t the same.  Quality SEO is a mixture of years of experience and a deep understanding of what search engines and  website visitors are looking for when it comes to delivering a rich experience online. Depending on the level of SEO you select with City Ranked Media, we will focus on 35 to 78 key factors that the major search engines grade on.  These key factors have been proven over our years in business to be the cornerstone of building an effective and lasting SEO campaign.

City Ranked Media employs technically advanced SEO techniques that have been tested and proven to achieve rankings, even for the most competitive keywords.

Our results and our transparent reporting model shows you that you’re getting what you pay for every single month.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization takes into account search engine ranking factors, often called search engine algorithms to boost a website’s visibility for a desired keywords.  Search engine optimization can be broken into two separate and distinct areas of expertise: On Page SEO, which includes all SEO efforts completed on a website, and Off-Page SEO, all SEO efforts that take place off the website.

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On Page SEO

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On page SEO is the science of getting your website to rank in the organic results of the search engines for the keywords people search when looking for a business like yours. There’s many ways to accomplish this, some good, some bad, a.k.a. White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Generally, writing good quality content with frequently searched keywords, internal linking, adding relevant keywords to metadata, and providing fresh & updated content will increase the frequency of the search engines indexing your site.

City Ranked Media employs normal SEO services, as well as Advanced SEO Techniques that many SEO firms don’t use.  The web is changing, and old outdated SEO practices are not enough to keep website rankings high, especially if you’re in a competitive industry. We’ve pioneered many advancements from website code markup to off-page SEO markup, and even SEO targeted towards GPS-enabled devices.

In order for SEO to be a long term investment for your business, you need an SEO company that can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the search engines and algorithm changes.

Off Page SEO

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Off page search engine optimization is everything you do to raise your ranking with the search engines outside of your website. Link earning is a popular strategy for this. Another tactic is submission of correct content and information about your business to sites that the search engines consider “authoritative”, ensuring you have links to your website posted on these sources. This will ensure the search engines look at your business and website favorably.

Just as with on-page SEO, good off-page SEO should employ advanced SEO techniques to give a business a competitive edge. With releases and updates to many new Google algorithms such as Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon, old (sometimes questionable) off-page SEO techniques no longer work. City Ranked Media uses strategies that have been developed by us to give our customer a competitive edge when it comes to local SEO and search rankings.

Keeping up with these changes and correctly positioning your business is crucial to staying ahead of the pack and on top of your rankings.

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More Information on SEO

Want more information on SEO and what it entails? Check out some of our links below to learn more about this subject.

On-Page SEO

On page SEO looks at a website’s structure, quality of content, coding, speed, mobile layout, internal linking, and many other factors to favorably increase the website’s visibility for desired keywords on the search engine results page. We typically build a website from the ground up, allowing SEO techniques, and a correctly coded website to drive the whole process. We can also make changes to an existing website to improve on-page SEO as well.

Quality Content for SEO

Fresh up-to-date content, blogging, and sharing this content via social media, can spotlight you and your business as a trusted industry leader. New content is also an excellent way to get your business indexed for obscure searches, or front end keywords related to your business. Blogs and other types of media such as pictures, videos, and infographics are also great ways to generate inbound links to your web property. Having a sound strategy to produce fresh and up-to-date content for your website should be at the core of any sound SEO plan.

Business owners rarely have the time to write original and fresh content for their website. Having an SEO company with the resources to produce original and fresh content for your website can be key to attaining quality rankings and good conversion rates from your website.

Online Reviews for SEO & CRO

Never underestimate the power of online consumer reviews. A study done by ComScore showed that up to 87% of consumers purchase decision was based upon reviews, and 97% of those said that they made a purchase based their decision a review. Also notable was the fact that consumers were willing to pay up to 20% more for quality services based upon favorable reviews. It is essential for businesses to generate positive reviews from consumers for local search ranking. Search engines and consumers alike judge a business based upon number of reviews, and the velocity of reviews coming in.

Generating positive reviews can be a challenge for just about any business. Here at City Ranked Media we’ve developed a proprietary platform which allows a customer to generate reviews while customer facing through text messaging. Our system is easy to use, and have been proven to generate online reviews for our clients. Check out our online review generating platform here.

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Off-Page SEO

Search engines rely on third party websites and data providers to provide information about businesses in the local area. We supply these third party sites with correct business information in order to improve local search engine rankings, taking into account the search engine algorithms, how people interact with the local business, and tying it back in to the business’  most valuable and profitable keywords.

Links & Citations

Developing good quality inbound links to your website is probably one of the most effective ways to improve rankings with the search engine. This is often the most time consuming component of SEO, but can yield large measurable results. In today’s SEO environment with the release of algorithm updates such as Penguin, link earning must be done correctly or you risk being penalized in a future Google update. Linking schemes that involve private website/blog networkswebsite interlinking schemes, or purchased links will eventually get your website penalized or hurt your rankings.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to build links ethically for your business and website. Almost all of them take time and commitment, so that being said, link building is an advanced SEO tactic.

Local Search Optimization

Local Search, in our opinion is the best search optimization technique for small business. Local search is nothing more than a query that includes a local factor, such as “Plumbers Portland OR”.  With the explosion of mobile search, advanced local SEO can be done to increase search engine rankings on these mobile devices, businesses that take advantage of mobile SEO optimization now stand poised to experience growth as mobile usage continues to climb.

According to Google 20% of the searches they receive are local. Want to know how big this is? Every day 600 million local searches are done on Google alone. Try to get that kind of traffic anywhere else, it’s not going to happen. Clearly Local Search should be a priority for any small business.

Again, just as above, the local search SEO landscape has changed radically over the past few years. With advances in mobile technology, GPS, and the multitude of different devices out there, local search, and attaining rankings through the various SEO channels has become an Advanced SEO job. Having an experienced SEO company can mean the difference of top 5 rankings, or page 5 rankings when it comes to local search.

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