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Getting Your Business On The Map with Local Search

At City Ranked Internet Marketing we strongly believe in making sure our customers’ businesses are represented at a local level. Attaining ranking for city-specific searches is at the very core of any local businesses success online.

website rankings local search maps listings google portland or vancouver waGoogle alone reports that there are over 600 million searches done every day that has a local factor tied to them, i.e. “Transmission Repair Daytona Beach.” It should be any local business owner’s ultimate goal to be represented on local results that will help grow their business.

At City Ranked, Internet Marketing, a solid local search strategy, is one of the most important and fundamental ways we drive highly qualified, local traffic to your business.

Local Search Works For Small Business

City Ranked Internet Marketing has helped many small businesses in the Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington area develop a strong local search strategy. For many business owners, once the search engines start taking notice of the efforts being put forward, this strategy can net huge differences in sales. One customer of ours noticed a whopping 80% increase in sales versus prior year same month once their local strategy started showing results 2 months later. This customer also noticed that they were getting customers from cities they once had a hard time penetrating.

The absolute best thing about local search is that it’s almost free. No more having to pay for all your websites traffic. At City Ranked we work hard to make sure and drive as much qualified free traffic as possible, and we augment that free traffic with highly qualified conversion-ready pay-per-click visitors.

Most City Ranked clients see 70-90% of their website traffic come from free sources.