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Product catalogs and custom developed web shopping carts for small businesses.

E-Commerce Website Design

Today, having the ability to sell your products and services online is almost a necessity for many small businesses. When putting together a plan to sell online, many factors need to be explored for the small business owner. Factors such as inventory management, shipping, and PCI compliance need to be addressed. When it comes to actual design, factors such as ease of use, aesthetic design, and security are built into every shopping cart we develop.

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WordPress E-Commerce Websites

City Ranked Media utilizes the world’s largest and most used open source platform for website design and e-commerce development.  We do this for a reason — thousands of people openly contribute to the WordPress community to make the platform and programs better, and because we want to use a platform for our customers that will grow as time progresses.  Learn the benefits of using WordPress e-commerce solutions, and why it’s perfect for small and medium sized businesses.

Product Catalogs & Online Brochures

City Ranked Media pioneered the use of product catalogs for small business owners in the Portland and Vancouver metro area.  Our innovative designs allow for ease of future upkeep, dynamic insertions, and drastically increased user engagement, which ultimately leads to an easier sales process for our clients.  Learn how incorporating an online product catalog and/or brochure can streamline your sales process for your prospects and employees alike.

Built-In Website Security for E-Commerce

City Ranked Media is experienced in keeping customer information secure by utilizing industry leaders in payment processing, security software, and SSL implementation. When deciding to offer online shopping and payment options, business owners are ultimately responsible for securing their customers’ buying experience. Choosing a partner experienced in website security and e-commerce deployment is the first step in developing a long-term solution that will grow with your business while remaining secure.

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