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Campaign Reporting & Analytics

If your SEO is working, shouldn’t your agency be able to prove it?

Here at City Ranked, we do that each and every month for our clients. Transparent reporting, taken straight from the search engine’s analytics.

Measuring SEO Success

Many small business owners question how they should measure the success of their search engine optimization, and unfortunately, all too often these business owners are steered down a path to measure success based upon “keyword rankings” instead of better measurements of results achieved. As an end-all metric, determining SEO success based upon keyword rankings is a dead indicator of performance. This is thanks largely due to Google changing the way results are presented to end-users.

Keyword rankings are affected by Google based upon many different factors, many of which cannot be influenced by an agency or business.
This is not to say that using keyword rankings as an SEO indicator is not useful, because keyword rankings when taken as aggregates can point to overall wins or losses when it comes to a larger SEO strategy.

Understanding what factors the search engines use to rank businesses and demonstrated results are key to choosing the right agency to help your business rank better on search engines like Google.

Measuring Success

When it comes to digital marketing and search optimization you’re bound to hear a lot of words thrown around when people talk about success measurement. In this industry, there’s a dizzying array of words, phrases, and acronyms each used as a way to measure the results of different metrics. All these metrics can be confusing to a business owners, ultimately leaving them wondering what they should be paying attention to when it comes to their digital marketing.

Measuring What Matters

Business owners should be focused on the most important performance indicator, Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is simply a calculation of how much money you spent, versus how much money you collected, and more importantly, did the business owner make a profit.

Here at City Ranked we’ve developed over 15 years a proven strategy that focuses on a verifiable set of key performance indicators that undeniably proves whether a digital marketing campaign is working or not.

Industry-Leading Reporting and Analytics

City Ranked invests heavily in enterprise-level reporting and analytics to give our clients a deep understanding of how their marketing is performing. At City Ranked we prove each month that our services are producing revenue for our clients.  Below are just a few examples of our reporting and analytics capabilities:

  • Real-Time Website & SEO Workflow Notifications:
    City Ranked proves our value every day to our clients. From detailed monthly reporting of services rendered to verifiable return on investment reporting; to real-time workflow tracking, our clients know they’re getting the value they deserve. We offer an industry-leading ticketing system to keep our clients in the know about every single project we’re completing for them. Want to know where we’re at on that change you requested? No need to ask because you’ll know before you even begin to wonder about it.
  • Detailed Call & Action Tracking
    City Ranked uses specially programmed call tracking that only changes your phone number on your website if someone finds your business in the organic section (or PPC section if you choose) on the major search engines. We only take credit for calls delivered from visitors who are new to your business. Many other SEO and advertising companies will change your phone number across many sites, including your own, and take credit for all the calls, whether the calls are from your current customers or not.
  • Real-Time Results Dashboard
    City Ranked has invested in building a completely customizable real-time dashboard for our clients to view their results. City Ranked clients can log into the dashboard anytime to run reports, complete comparisons, score leads, view ads and creatives, view new reviews, view organic rankings, and much more.
  • Transparent reporting and analytics
    At City Ranked, we prove each month that our efforts are producing results. We provide detailed reporting to each customer with many measurable metrics that contribute to a successful digital marketing campaign. Unlike many digital agencies, we provide 100% transparency to our clients so they know we’re not taking shortcuts, or dabbling in tactics that could hurt their website in the long run.

Our results and our transparent reporting model show you that you’re getting what you pay for every single month.

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