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Advanced SEO Markup

Here at City Ranked, we structure your content in meaningful ways that both Google and actual human users can use to best answer their searches. Structured Data is just one of the methods we use to increase the visibility of your business.

What is Advanced SEO Markup

If you own a business, especially if your business is in a competitive vertical, you will need to gain every advantage possible to affect your website’s search engine rankings. This is when Advanced Website Markup, also known as “Rich Snippets”, “Micro Data”, and “JSON-LD” comes in. Search engines like Google, adopted the use of these schemas back in 2011 to help power and communicate important aspects and understanding of website content, and how that content is related to other content found around the web.

This schema markup, usually implemented on the backend of a website, helps the search engines understand a wealth of information about your business, making it easier for their algorithms to understand the most appropriate use of the information on a business’s website.

Why is Structured Data Important?

When implemented correctly, schema markup can help the search engines understand a wealth of information about a website, a business’s offerings, service area, hours of operation, and much more. By giving your site this added layer of communication with Google, and other search engines, you can gain valuable exposure of your brand to the people who matter most: your customers. Google uses structured data, in conjunction with other sources, to populate enhanced features such as:

  • Knowledge Panel
  • Search Snippets
  • Local Search
  • Google Maps
  • Voice Search
  • and much more…

Like all SEO tactics, Structured Data is not a magical solution, but it can be a powerful tool for local search. If you are tired of your business not ranking in local searches, it may be time to consider an internet marketing company that has proven results.

City Ranked is different from other digital marketing agencies because we are willing to do the research. We are constantly striving to educate ourselves and we have the tenacity to keep challenging ourselves to do better. If you don’t feel that passion from your current marketing company, maybe it’s time to consider a change.

Advanced Markup for SEO in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

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