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Getting Your Business on the Map with Local Search

At City Ranked, we strongly believe in making sure our customers’ businesses are represented at a local level. Attaining rankings and internet traffic for city-specific searches is at the very core of any local businesses success online.

Local Search Rankings & Optimization

More than 90 percent of consumers start their search for a business online. According to some studies, search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing command over 93% of this local traffic. Local search optimization should be at the core of every internet marketing strategy for small businesses.

City Ranked uses solid local search strategies to drive high-quality, local traffic to your business. A strong local search strategy is fundamental to our best practices, and we have extensive experience in helping small businesses develop and improve their search capabilities. Once the search engines notice the efforts being put into local searches, this strategy drives ready-to-buy consumers to a specific small business, netting huge differences in sales.

City Ranked has created our own signature process for developing these local search strategies, and ongoing collaboration between our account management staff and our small business owners makes a significant difference in the success of these targeted local searches. We have also tested and developed proprietary code, developing programs that can help search engines (like Google) understand your small business even better. These modules of proprietary code have resulted in better rankings and increased online exposure for the small companies we work with.


Local Search Optimization Done the Right Way

Search engines guard the specifics of local SEO closely, and there is no software or automated process that can magically  increase a business’ search rankings or online exposure. However, search engines do provide “best practices” as a way for website designers to maximize online exposure. We keep up-to-date on the latest search engine guidelines, staying ahead of trends and watching for any changes. We also read what industry experts are saying as search optimization techniques continue to evolve.

Local search optimization is a consistent, long-term strategy for increasing a business’s local online footprint. Beware of local search optimization agencies that use automated software programs to power their local search processes. Many of these programs use strategies that are discouraged or even banned by Google or other search engines. If you do use these automated services and then cancel them, it’s nearly impossible to find out which strategies were put in place, and whether your SEO is suffering because of the bad strategies. Once canceled, automated programs can also leave your website bogged down with unnecessary code. This can slow down your site, discouraging customers from viewing your website.

Here at City Ranked, our process of tailoring a local search optimization program consistently outperforms automated programs. We develop our local search optimization programs by hand, carefully considering the individual needs of each small business, and the difference is clear!

City Ranked uses a 90-day local SEO process, developed in-house and proven to achieve significantly better results for our clients, when compared to automated local SEO programs.

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