Starting in January 2014, City Ranked Media began a 10-month case study to determine where our time as marketers was best spent working on our clients’ websites, and the results were no less than amazing.  As you can see in the snapshot above, we took a long-time City Ranked Media client that had an average spend between $1,000 and $1600 a month in PPC and began a long-term case study to determine the correct mix of services to offer our clients.  We began the case study with the following facts in mind: First, the client was spending approximately $57 per conversion with pay-per-click,  and $5.22 per conversion through SEO.  Client’s business is semi-cyclical in that most of their business is done late spring through early fall, so we wanted to benchmark this case study comparing prior years’ results, versus this year’s results, with no pay-per-click advertising.



Our plan was simple: invest more time into the client’s SEO efforts to increase organic traffic from the search engines, social media channels, and off-page optimization.  We spearheaded this by focusing on a much-expanded set of SEO factors, more factors than we have ever managed for one client before.  These SEO factors were hand-picked by our team here at City Ranked Media as factors that we felt we could manage well, making the biggest impact we could on the client’s search engine rankings.


After less than 60 days it was apparent our SEO efforts were producing the desired results.  Rankings for targeted keywords increased exponentially, and search engine traffic was climbing.  The City Ranked team continued to methodically implement the advanced SEO strategy over the following months which resulted in the findings below.

225.58 % increase in website traffic as compared to the same period the year before

$14,210 savings in pay-per-click spend when compared to the same time period the year before

79.88% decrease in average cost per conversion

$16.11 average cost per conversion – SEO & PPC channels (before)

$3.24 average cost per conversion – SEO only (after)

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