Creative Ad Development

Custom Display Ads for Search Engine Marketing

Creative ad development is one of the best ways your company can boost your online presence and conversions. From catchy search ads to colorful landing pages, City Ranked wants to make sure your business stands out from your competition! We’ll take you through a City Ranked ad campaign, so you can see exactly how your business can benefit.

1. We Use Targeted Campaigns to Reach Potential Customers

There are two main questions we ask every time we start a campaign for you: what service or product do you want to sell, and who do you want to reach? They may seem like simple questions, but an effective internet ad campaign needs to be this simple. By using targeted campaigns, we can make the most of your time and money.

After collaborating with you on the products, demographics, and number of individual campaigns your company wants, we can develop the following three items: search ads, display ads, and landing pages.

2. Search Ads Can Help You Find New Customers

Search ads appear at the top of internet search engines. Our focus at City Ranked is to create targeted search ads, so when customers search the internet for a service or product, they find you! There are a variety of methods that can narrow your target, lower your cost per ad, and generate more leads. We’ll work with you and your budget to find the balance between cost and lead generation.

3. Display Ads Can Boost Your Brand Recognition

Internet advertising has evolved a lot in the last decade. Display ads, or the advertisements that you see on any given web page, are designed now to “follow” a user.

To see this in action, search for a product on a search engine–let’s say “leather shoes”. Pull up two or three pages from various competitors, browsing quickly.

Now go to another page for an entirely different reason–say, a website about the newest medical marvels. Look at the page carefully–do you see an ad for any of the competitors’ “leather shoes” that you searched for? That’s a display ad!

If your company wants to encourage brand recognition and future conversions, display ads are a great option to enhance your business’ web presence.

4. Landing Pages Can Close the Deal

When potential customers click on one of your ads–whether it’s a display ad or a search ad–they’ll be taken to a specific page on your website to complete an action. We can design these landing pages to focus customer attention and drive conversions. Don’t send your customers to just any page on your website: send them to a landing page that’s crafted particularly for a single ad or target.

City Ranked Provides Data-Driven SEM Solutions

As with all of our services, we want to make sure our efforts are efficient, practical, and effective. We analyze all of our campaigns, creating in-depth reports that will clearly show what’s working and what could be improved. At City Ranked, we don’t believe in “set it and forget it.” We’re working tirelessly to make sure your ad campaigns are as successful as possible!

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