Pioneer Pest Management serves a large service area in two states. They came to us for a website that was informative, easy to navigate, and user-friendly. They also wanted a local SEO boost, as well as a flexible website that would grow and change with their company.

Pioneer Pest Management website by City Ranked in Vancouver WA

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Pioneer Pest Management website by City Ranked in Vancouver WA


City Ranked created a website built around user experience. We used the company’s existing branding to drive customer conversions and build trust among their local community. We also gave them a modern, functionally beautiful website that reflects their goals and values.

  • Modern design and layout that looks great on all devices.
  • Easy to use navigate website that supports a large service area and multiple services.
  • Photo heavy website that loads fast and was built with SEO in mind.
  • Local listings and local SEO buildout.

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Pest Control Website

Challenges of this project

Take an existing website that had marginal rankings at best and convert it into a lead generating machine.  The client had a business that was over 10 years old, and as such was well entrenched with local citation sites.  However the current website didn’t have a lot of content on it, SEO on the website was poor to non-existent, and as a result most convertible traffic was being driven via pay per click advertising.

The work involved

The clients website was rebuilt using the WordPress platform.  Much of the websites existing content was re-written to re-attract the search engines back to it, and to provide useful information to the website visitors, showcasing the clients strengths.  Blog content was realigned to be seasonally useful, targeting active pests.

On the back end of the website, many hours of programming were completed to make the website usable on all major devices, website speed was increased 30%, and structured data was implemented to showcase clients excellent reviews, brick and motor locations, as well as service types and hours of operation.

Local search was targeted to clients service area, as well to realign local citation sites with correct services provided as well as correct addresses and phone numbers.

Keyword Rankings

The outcome for this client has been nothing less that business changing.  Measured year over year this client has seen the best return on advertising and record months since business was opened.

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