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Corporate & Commercial Photography

Professional Photography Services

Attract the Right Customers
Using real images and photos of your business has been shown to drastically increase the effectiveness of digital marketing. Photography and images of your business, employees, and conveys a sense of trustworthiness and credibility to potential online shoppers. Differentiate your business against your competitors, sell your services and products at a premium rate, and close more sales using our photography and video services.

360° Photoshoots

Give your potential clients insight into your company with an in-depth virtual tour of your business, right on your Google My Business listing

360° Photoshoots

Drone Photography

Show off your projects from a bird's eye view! Whether you're showcasing your plumbing excavation project, 20-truck fleet, or winery landscape, our drones have you covered.

Drone Photography

Professional Photography

City Ranked employs professional photographers that can help curate a collection of photos for your marketing materials that properly showcase your company’s vision, goals, and culture. By placing real photos of your business on your website, we are able to build trust with your potential customers, maximizing conversions.

Our professional photography services include:

  • Headshots
  • Office Interior / Exterior Photos
  • Fleet Photography
  • Product Photos
  • Job Site Photos
  • Drone Photography
  • 360° Virtual Tours

Increase Conversions With Photography

Your website should showcase your work and products because real work produces more conversions. When your customer visits your website, they want to see that you are trustworthy and reliable, and the best way to show off your company is with real photos of your employees, building, vehicle fleet, and projects you’ve completed.

Headshots, 360° Photography, Drone Photography, and more. City Ranked has the expertise to take your business to the next level.

Stock Photos vs. Actual Photos of Your Business

Not all stock photos are bad. For example, if you wanted a photo of a nice-looking family for your dentist office website, it’s more economical to use a stock photo service rather than hiring a photographer for one photograph.

Issues with stock photo services begin to arise when photos are needed of specific, industry subject matter. This occurs often with service-based industries such as plumbing contractors. Many stock photo services do not offer photographs of specific plumbing services and processes, with many of the “plumbers” not being very convincing.

Instead, our in-house photographer can follow your crew on a job to gather photos of your actual business in action.

Personalized Photos for Your Website

Having images of your staff or technicians in action on your website will help your potential client to trust that you are as professional as your website looks. There are many examples where stock photos just do not cut it, and at City Ranked Media we’re prepared to pick up the slack.

Some of Our Partners

What we do works.
Our work delivers results, and we can prove it.

We focus on business growth.

What we do works, and we can prove it.

At City Ranked, we shift the focus from keyword rankings to actual business growth. Who cares if your site ranks #1 on Google for a specific keyword if you don’t see positive growth in yearly revenue?

We’ve put together a few case studies showcasing the tremendous growth we’ve helped our clients see, across several industries.

See Our Case Studies >

Building Local Trust with Real Photos of Your Business

If you’ve ever visited a website with no photos, or all stock photos, you likely caught yourself questioning the validity of the company. Rather than confuse your potential clients, we focus on creating marketing materials that build trust.

By putting your brand first, utilizing photos of your actual employees, services, and projects, we are able to leverage your company’s local presence to maximize conversions from your target customers.

Sarah Fajardo
Content Strategist


I think what sets City Ranked apart
from other agencies is that we respect our clients and dedicate ourselves to them. We know how hard they’ve worked to get where they are now. We’ll talk with them regularly, learn their goals, and work hard to help them achieve them. We genuinely care.

Corporate and Commercial Photography Services in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

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