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Monthly SEO & Website Design Meetings

From the very beginning and still to this day, City Ranked Media believes in the power of talking to our customers each and every month. It’s through these monthly meetings that we’re able to help our business owners grow their revenue.

Monthly meetings help us better understand what a business excels at, what’s working, and what needs to be addressed. Our clients like these meetings as they get a sense of what we’re doing to impact their website traffic and conversions. It also helps us identify trends so we can make course corrections when needed.

Changing Web Design & SEO Agency Thinking

We think differently when it comes to website and SEO coding. From day one, our soul has been SEO, and since website design is the first step in great SEO, we revamped the way we built websites to be more search engine friendly.

We saw an opportunity to create a Hybrid SEO – Web Design Agency that had the perfect balance between SEO and Website Design. While many SEO companies do some level of web design, and most web design companies focus on pixel perfect design, City Ranked Media has developed a new system that helps us focus on the most important aspects of both.

This system allows us to be extremely affordable, deliver almost unheard of results, and build robust, beautifully designed websites.

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Advanced SEO Code & Markup

Since we’re passionate about SEO, we study, test, and implement new coding as it’s released. Some examples of this:

  • Use of schema markup since it was released in 2011 (less than 1600 websites nationwide used the code when we started using it),
  • Developed and used city level tagging for better local SEO,
  • Developed, tested, and deployed neighborhood level SEO for GPS enabled devices,
  • Developed a modified dynamic library/cart for small business use,
  • Native app development with a patent pending on two of our apps,
  • Copyrighted geo-specific coding for better local SEO,
  • and many more advancements.

A New Way to Manage SEO & CRO Results

We here at City Ranked Media continually innovate our product offerings and the way we manage client accounts to stay abreast of search engine changes.

We manage our client accounts using a self-developed 7-point grid system that has been proven over many years to increase local website traffic and highly increase website conversions. This system helps keep our Account Management team, the client, and our fulfillment team focused on driving the measurable metrics our clients need to succeed in the competitive online landscape.

SEO and Website Design Management

A Dedicated SEO & Web Design Team

Many SEO and web design companies outsource their efforts to third party companies or contractors. Here at City Ranked Media, we don’t. We have a dedicated team of professionals with core competencies in Internet Advertising, SEO, PPC, Social Media, CRO, and analytics.

Our design and development team are experts in WordPress, Php, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, JQuery, AJAX, website security, eCommerce, Graphic Design, Photography, and much more.

Our clients get real-time access to the people that can actually affect change to their marketing programs.

Advanced Programming & Development

At City Ranked we’re passionate about challenging status quo in web design and SEO techniques. It’s this passion and the advanced skills of our team that helps us innovate new ideas in small business SEO and website design. Our out-of-the box thinking has helped us envision, program, test and refine many ideas which we’ve copyrighted or patented.

If you’re a business owner that’s frustrated with a lack of website rankings, and looking to place your business in front of your best prospects, we may be just what you’re looking for.

Just a few of our past proven SEO and web design projects…

  • Advanced back-end website markup – for better local search rankings
  • Ultra SEO-friendly website programming and design
  • The City Ranked Media App – designed for businesses just like yours (patent pending)
  • Small business Customer Retention App – helps small businesses retain more of their current customer base (patent pending)
  • Local SEO targeted towards devices using GPS – such as smartphones (copyrighted 2016)
  • Text Messaging Review App – helps businesses generate on-line reviews through text messaging on places like Google, Yelp, Facebook and more. (Patent pending)
  • And many more…