Conversion Rate Optimization in Portland OR and Vancouver WA

Incrementally Increasing Website Conversions With New WordPress Programming

As a web design and search engine optimization company, we’ve always maintained that there are really only three ways we can increase the number of conversions a website produces:

  • Drive more qualified traffic
  • Increase the percentage of visitors that convert into prospects, or
  • A combination of both

At City Ranked Media, we are always challenging ourselves by coming up with new and innovative ways to achieve increases in one or more of the above to positively affect our clients’ bottom lines. During the first quarter of 2016, City Ranked Media introduced a new way to manage the above goals to help keep ourselves and our clients focused on activities that would ultimately affect one or all of the above goals.

The City Ranked Account Management Tool

The City Ranked Account Management Tool was developed to focus efforts on building qualified traffic and increasing conversions based upon 4 predetermined quadrants. These quadrants focus on:

  1. New and/or Updated Content – for search engine and end user consumption
  2. Technical SEO – all the back-end coding to increase website and keyword rankings
  3. Conversation Rate Optimization – ways to increase the percentage of visitors that convert into viable prospects
  4. Projects & Programming – technical projects and coding for increased user engagement, which would ultimately affect the conversion rate percentage

SEO and account management services Vancouver WA Portland OR

Our First Innovation After Using The City Ranked Account Management Tool

The programming staff at City Ranked Media was challenged to incrementally increase website form conversions. We focused specifically on mobile users, providing them an interface that’s easy to engage with and use. This interface needed to have the following:

  • Simple and easy to use on any device
  • Provides a clear call to action that enticed the prospect to give their information, and stop them from searching competitive websites
  • Provide the client enough information to call the prospect back with an understanding of what service they may be interested in

Introducing The City Ranked Media MyModal Plugin©

The City Ranked Media MyModal Plugin is an easy-to-use program that is deployable on the WordPress platform. The plugin allows for one-touch buttons to be installed at strategic places across a client’s website. Once a prospect engages with the button, a modal screen pops-up asking the prospect to enter their name and phone number to receive a call-back from the client.

Clients receive an email notification with the request for call-back. This notification includes:

  • Prospect’s Name
  • Prospect’s Phone Number (touch enabled on mobile devices for easy call-back)
  • The website URL of the page the prospect was on and page title (this helps the client understand what the prospect may need help with)
  • Date and time request was made
conversion rate optimization tool for WordPress websites
Screenshot of City Ranked Media MyModal© WordPress Plugin

The Outcome

City Ranked Media deployed the new plugin on several client websites across several industries and discovered the following:

  • Website conversions incrementally increased between 12-20% depending on the industry.
  • Clients that guaranteed a call-back within a recommended time-frame of 15 minutes or less closed the most new customers from these new leads.
  • Clients that guaranteed a call-back of 30 minutes or less came in second for closing new customers.
  • Clients that waited longer than 30 minutes to return calls closed the least new customers from these leads.

** Special thanks to City Ranked Media Programmer Josh Brown for helping realize this CRO Plugin

Conversion Rate Optimization: Increasing Website Conversions For City Ranked Customers in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

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