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Enterprise Level SEO Packages

City Ranked Media offers robust solutions to help small business owners market their business online.

Enterprise Level SEO

To many, the concept of offering enterprise level search engine optimization services to small business owners is a new concept.  Until recently, many small business owners had to make internet marketing decisions based upon the limited offerings available, and hoping on some level their hodgepodge of purchased services would make their phone ring with new customers…until now.

Many reputable local SEO services offer search optimization packages that can significantly improve a small business’s rankings online, however, we here at City Ranked Media know that rankings are not enough.  For many businesses looking to gain exposure online, especially in very competitive fields, setting your business apart from the competition is key.

What’s it like, working with City Ranked?


▸ On-Page Website SEO

▸ Google – Yahoo – Bing Profile Setup

▸ Website Content Development

▸ Graphic Art (website only)

▸ Advanced Structured Data Setup
Address, Multi-Location, Reviews, Sitelinks, Pricing, Authorship, Products, Google+

▸ Monthly Keyword Ranking Tracking
Track position on Google, Yahoo, & Bing – Local, Images, & Organic
up to 100 keywords

▸ Monthly Keyword Ranking Tracking
Track position on Google, Yahoo, & Bing – Local, Images, & Organic
up to 100 keywords

▸ Inbound Link Acquisition Tracking
Track inbound link generation to your website

▸ Branded Keywords Tracking
Track brand keywords for your business, owners names, etc.

▸ Call & Action Tracking
Live call/action tracking by source: SEO, PPC, Local

▸ Monthly website security updates
On websites we manage only

▸ Premium Website Plugins
WordPress websites we manage only

▸ Local Listing SEO
get listed & ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing maps/local
(Up to two locations)

▸ NAP Management & Submissions
Required for great rankings – Local SEO

▸ Blog Setup & Social Media API Integration
Website integration with Facebook, Twitter, & Google+
engage followers, get backlinks to your website

▸ Professional Onsite Photo-shoot
Portland – Vancouver metro area only

▸ Competitor Intelligence
Get ranking reports & competitive data on your top competitors

▸ Social Media Reporting
Get information on social media engagement, likes, shares, re-tweets, +1.

▸ Blog / Article Writing
Professionally written articles for your blog

▸ Social Media Profile Build-out
Comprehensive profile buildout on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, & Linkedin

▸ Article Submissions Management
Regular article submission to managed social media channels

▸ Social Media Link Acquisition
Reporting – Tracking – Aquistion

▸ Advanced Website Security
Protect your website & visitors. Attacks on websites is a common occurrence. We build security into your website to save embarrassment of leaked client lists, data, & other sensitive information, we also can implement 256 AES bit encryption (on request). We’re also up-to-date and can implement PCI compliant eCommerce solutions for small businesses.

▸ Domain Ranking Factors
We take care of the things that matter to the search engines when it comes to your domain. Whois information, keywords, & other factors matter.

▸ Page Ranking Factors
There are a multitude of factors that the search engines judge when it comes to how well your page is put together. We focus on 26 factors that have the greatest impact on website rankings.

▸ Website Level Ranking Factors
There’s many factors that the search engines rank on when it come to your website as a whole. Factors such as architecture, trust, sitemaps, and ease of use all factor into a good overall user experience.

▸ Backlinking
Backlinking isn’t a new SEO metric, but still is one of the hardest to master. We take into account linking root domains, authority of linking domain, diversity, & social links when working on backlinking.
Make sure to ask us about Backlinking 2.0 so we can educate you on how link building has changed, & how we have adapted.

▸ Get Listed
DMOZ Listing & Yahoo Directory submission

▸ Get Recognized & Linked
As a business owner & expert in your field, you need to be listed as such.
We build & list you as an authority expert on industry specific websites.

▸ User Interaction Factors
User interaction is a pretty big part of CRO (conversion rate optimization) on websites. We can help monitor, track, & recommend needed changes to increase the factors that lead to a better Conversion Rate for your website.

▸ Algorithm Updates & Monitoring
Does your SEO company recommend changes based upon algorithm updates? Do they keep you informed of the major changes that may affect your rankings & traffic? At City Ranked Media we monitor these changes and implement changes as needed to ensure our clients stay in the strongest position possible.

▸ Social Media Signals
Social Media matters when it comes to search engine optimization.
Tweets, Likes, Shares, and Authority all play a role in how the search engines view you and your business. We help you implement, track, and monitor those signals.

▸ Brand Legitimacy & Signals
How are your social media profiles? Do you have employees that say they work for you? Are your followers & likes real? Brick & mortar locations, brand mentions & interactions, RSS Subscribers and other factors weigh in on the legitimacy of your business.

Looking for less SEO support? Is your business in a niche market?
Or perhaps you don’t need a lot of new leads to grow?