For more than 15 years we’ve help transmission shop owners with their advertising efforts.  City Ranked has developed an online advertising program that rockets our customers to the first page of the major search engines.  Typical City Ranked transmission shop customers appear on the


first page of the major search engines for more than 150 keyword strings.

This exposure coupled with interactive and compelling website development produces an average of over 150 contacts per month for a transmission shop.  Our secret to success is good old-fashioned hard work for our clients.  Everything we do to promote your website and its content is industry accepted as “White Hat” and ethical.

Transmission Shop Advertising


Want to work with someone that understands the difference between a torque converter and a clutch drum?  Want to work with someone that actually has a vested interest in your success?  Want to talk to someone more than once a year about your marketing – what’s working and what’s not?  Want to uncover new revenue sources?  City Ranked can help with all of this, and every customer enjoys the following with us:

Knowledgeable – we understand the Transmission, Clutch, & Auto Repair business.

No Long Term Contacts – this means we earn your business each month, and we have a vested interest in showing you the results you’re looking for.

Regular Meetings – regular meetings to discuss what’s working and what’s not helps us improve your results each and every month.  Every month we add to your internet marketing to help your business grow.

New Revenue Sources – Have you ever wanted to expand your business into different offerings but didn’t know where to start?  We can help, we’ve helped many transmission shop owners uncover new revenue sources that they never dreamed of before.

Cutting edge design – we stay at the forefront of design changes, and we implement new ad strategies to keep our customers’ websites fresh and engaging.

Without Duane and City Ranked Media we might as well close our doors. Duane not only does our website, he does many other advertisements for us at no additional charge.
I trust Duane completely as he has never led me wrong. Duane’s marketing skills have increased my business dramatically, so much that I have and will again recommend his services to anyone I know.

B. Edwards
Transmission Shop Owner

I own a transmission repair shop and have used City Ranked for all of my internet products since 2010. I have been extremely happy with the service and products they have provided. They designed my website and manage all of my SEO marketing. I constantly get positive feedback from my customers about our website and calls from local and distant potential customers. By far the majority of our business comes from our website due to the fantastic ranking and placement we get. Other companies contact me all the time wanting my SEO business but I have found the quality of the products and services I get from City Ranked are superior and the price is always better so I stay.

Transmission Shop Owner


At City Ranked Media, we prove each and every month that our efforts are producing results for your business. We provide each and every customer detailed reporting with many measurable metrics that contribute to a successful SEO campaign. Unlike many SEO companies, we provide 100% transparency to our clients so they know we’re not taking shortcuts, or dabbling in SEO tactics that could hurt their website in the long run.
Depending on the level of SEO, City Ranked clients get access to as much, or little information as they want.

It’s having access to the above type of information that helps us set our transmission and auto repair customers apart from the competition. Knowing and reacting to keyword trends, competitive data, industry trends and many other metrics keeps our customers’ businesses growing. Access to this type of data allows us to make informed recommendations, allowing our customers to exploit new opportunities for additional web traffic from highly qualified prospects.

 Keyword ranking & tracking
on the three top search engines: Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Website performance
by inbound channel.

Organic search analytics
analyze traffic sent by search engines and the correlating landing pages.

Competitive data
how your competitors rank by keyword versus you.

Website optimization
by page.

Search engine crawl diagnostics.

Social media tracking
track engaging posts, tweets, and interactions. See how social media affects your SEO.

Link data, analysis & competitive data
Track total links, linking domains, anchor text and more. Track the same on competitive websites.

Brand, owner, & staff mentions
Track mentions of your business, names, and other key information about your business across the web.

Industry tracking
Be in the know when it comes to industry trends.

And much more…


City Ranked Media uses specially programmed call tracking that only changes your phone number on your website if someone finds your business in the organic section (or PPC section if you choose) on the major search engines.

At City Ranked, we only take credit for calls delivered from visitors who are new to your business. Many other SEO and advertising companies will change your phone number across many sites, including your own, and take credit for all the calls, whether the calls are from your current customers or not.

See below for some of our call tracking capabilities:

  • Separation of calls delivered. Know which sources are producing calls – via SEO and PPC
  • Keyword and search engine level call tracking. Find out exactly the keyword(s) and search engines that are driving your best prospects.
  • Call value scoring. All prospects are not worth the same, score prospects by monetary value to determine exact ROI on your advertising efforts.
  • Real time call monitoring. All calls can be recorded and emailed directly to the customer immediately after the call ends.
  • Text messaging enabled. Allow customers to text message you directly from your website.
  • Software integration with many popular applications like Salesforce, Google Analytics, and more.

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