City Ranked partnered with a contractor that specializes in Masonry, Foundations, Chimneys and Waterproofing to increase their market share by redesigning their website. We focused on search engine optimization to gain better search engine ranking for desired keywords.

construction contractor website and seo internet marketing service by City Ranked Media


Prior to City Ranked taking on their internet marketing, this client relied almost 100% on pay per click advertising to drive traffic to their website.  This client was also spending thousands of dollars on Yellow Pages advertising which yielded a steady decline in response rate and return on investment.


  • This client’s base of operation was not in the major metro area that they wanted to target; the metro area they wanted to target was across the river in another state, which had many competitors in their same business.
  • The customer’s business was very diverse, with many services offered.  As such, the client wanted rankings for many different types of keywords and categories, in several different cities.
  • Many of the customer’s services are seasonal in nature, such as outdoor masonry work in the summer and drainage fixes in the winter.  Building a strategy that would keep the client busy all year, and prioritizing an action plan would be important for long-term success.
  • Customer’s prior website was almost all pictures with no text, so search engines had ranked very little of the customer’s prior website, which led to almost non-existent organic traffic.
  • Customer’s pay-per-click accounts had extremely low-quality scores due to the site being built with almost all pictures. In addition, there was no sitemap or privacy policy which compounded the problem of the low-quality score.


First, City Ranked developed a new starter website with 17 pages that highlighted the customer’s top-level services.  City Ranked built the site to achieve rankings in the client’s home state and metro area to test the effectiveness of the SEO close to the client’s base of operations.  Immediately after the first index by the search engines, the client was rocketed to the first page for almost every desired keyword string.  After it was determined the strategy was working, and the right kind of prospects were being delivered to the client, City Ranked expanded SEO to include the adjoining state and metro area.


Second, City Ranked built out profiles and business listings on various sites including Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing,, Citysearch, Yellowbook and others. Particular attention was placed to make sure desired keywords, headings, services offered and cities serviced were the same for each profile.


Third, exhaustive keyword research was completed to identify prospects’ searches that resulted in inquires for the business. This exercise was completed using website analytics, and call analytics, paying particular attention to bounce rates, call duration / quality and form submissions.  The client worked closely with City Ranked to identify the most valuable types of calls and research was done to identify keywords and traffic sources for these types of calls.


Fourth, City Ranked completed an entire rebuild of the client’s pay-per-click advertising program.  Compelling ad copy was developed and tested that highlighted the client’s best selling points.  Ad groups were created that specifically targeted each of the client’s desired services and prospects, with particular attention to keywords that were identified as high-converting.  Ad Scheduling, Day Parting and Bid Adjustments were initiated to ensure our customer maintained the highest rankings possible during peak call times.  Lastly, City Ranked included a privacy policy on every landing page.


Fifth, additional content was built out targeting new keyword strings identified through the keyword research. This is an ongoing exercise of adding two new pages of content per month, each time targeting a separate list of keywords and services.


Since the launch, this client’s website generates 77.7% of its traffic organically. The remainder of the website traffic is generated by highly-targeted pay-per-click advertising.  Prior to City Ranked taking the account over, our client averaged $500 – $600 a month in pay-per-click charges as well as over $1,000 a month in yellow pages advertising.  Our client’s current monthly pay-per-click spend averages between $260 – $310 per month, and has cancelled the bulk of their yellow pages advertising.

Our client’s web site ranks on major search engines, and has achieved first-page placement for over 140 keyword strings.

This activity produces an average of 64 tracked calls per month, and 22 form submissions. This activity tracking does not account for calls generated off of local search sources such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing or other local search engines.

With a low-end job for our client costing roughly $800 to a high-end job being in the many thousands, the return on investment for this client is very good, and this  is all only 4 months after launch.

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