Social Media Marketing Strategies to adopt for business pages in 2018

4 ways to survive the new Facebook page algorithms in 2018

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At the beginning of 2018, Facebook once again changed the way business pages would be viewed on our News Feeds and Timeline updates. These changes were made to create more meaningful interactions with viewers and to increase the value of time spent on Facebook with other users.

For business pages that rely on additional traffic and awareness via social media, the reaction has been less than positive. What once was a great source of free organic traffic, now has become a constant struggle for small businesses to keep ahead of the curve with the constantly changing social landscape.

While it may be more challenging than ever to stand out on social media, the opportunity should remain optimistic. There will always be a place for small businesses to succeed in a growing online community of 2 billion users.

Here are 4 things you can adopt now to be successful on social media moving forward.

Video – Especially Facebook live and stories. Facebook has always encouraged using as much video as possible. With the rollout of Facebook live and Stories, people are 6x more likely to view these assets first before moving forward and getting lost in the noise of social media. Video is often thought as an entire production, but simply showing off different strengths of your business can be highly rewarding for engagement and interaction.

Direct Messaging – Encourage your customers to reach out to you via the direct message aspects of social media. This allows customers to interact directly with you as a business answering questions, offering suggestions, or even following up as a lead generator. Customers often feel comfortable sending a message directly to a business when being suggested to do so.

Facebook Advertising – Facebook still relies on advertising dollars from groups and small business. Now more than ever is a great time to invest a small budget into social media ads. Social media creates long-term recognition and a great Ad can reach 1000’s of Facebook users for a very small budget. Truthfully, up until this point, organic traffic has been free. Shell out a few dollars and you won’t need to worry about the Facebook algorithms.

Value – Adding value to your content is more important than ever. Spend less time posting more often. Instead, create content that has a benefit to your audience making you a reliable source in your industry. Dig into who your current customer base is what’s relevant to connect with them. Talk about your community, your employees, solve a problem, and be transparent about strengths and weaknesses of your industry. This will keep your current followers engaged and attract new visitors.

Facebook is trying to develop a community that will focus more on interactions that are valuable to people. Adding value to your communication, starting a conversation in open discussion, utilizing technology and applications, and creating great ads will all help you moving forward reaching new goals. Things change quickly in the world of social media but it will remain a key ingredient to communicating with current customers and reach new business.   

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