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The City Ranked Media Customer App

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When it comes to innovation for the small and medium-sized business sector, City Ranked Media has our customers covered.  Since 2007 our firm has been developing out-of-the-box thinking on how to position our clients on the web to garner better rankings and more business. This is where our mantra of Research, Experimentation, and Innovation starts. At City Ranked Media we understand that you have a business to run, and you want a business partner when it comes to your marketing, not just a vendor.

Web design and SEO are at the core of what we offer. If you’ve had bad experiences before with your prior web design firm or SEO Company, you’ve found the right place.

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The City Ranked Media App

The City Ranked Media Customer App was developed primarily out of understanding our customer’s needs. We needed to develop a way for our customers to easily communicate with us as their web design and internet marketing company to keep them relevant online.

We understand that as business owners, our customers get tied up in daily activities. More often than not, marketing opportunities such as photos, videos, ideas, and customers reviews get lost because of the hectic schedule these entrepreneurs have to shuffle.

This is where the City Ranked Media App comes in for our customers.

How Small Business Owners use the City Ranked Media App

The premise of this app is actually pretty simple: it makes it easier for a business owner to initiate or share ideas with their marketing team. A lot of businesses these days stay connected through mobile devices, and most business owners are always on the go. So we developed an app for the On-the-Go Business Owner.

The app is Google and Apple approved and available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

using the city ranked media SEO and website design app for small businesses

city ranked media SEO and webside design app for our customers

City Ranked Media App Features

The City Ranked Media app is designed to be simple and easy to use. Our main purpose is to gain information about our client’s business to help them effectively market and advertise their services to their best prospects, while at the same time showcasing them as experts in their field. In our V 1.0 we did this by offering the following easy-to-use services:

  • New Content – Change Content: this feature allows our customers to help us come up with new ideas on how to market their business.
  • Specials & Coupons – Want to run a coupon or special, or update a current offer? This can be done straight through our app.
  • Photos – We’ve always maintained that our customer’s work is the best for selling. So we developed a way that our customers (and employees) can upload photos straight to us for inclusion on your website.
  • Videos – Video is a great way to showcase your business as a subject matter expert in your field. We can edit, and search optimize these videos for rankings on the web, as well as interaction on your website.
  • Real-Time-Updates and live staff – We don’t believe in automated (and never have). All updates are done by real live City Ranked Media staff. It’s like having your own digital marketing agency at your fingertips. We also send you notifications once your requested updates are complete.
  • Review Capture – Get reviews from your clients by just asking. Our system allows you to get Google, Yelp, or almost any other review platform right from out app.
  • Social Media Global Updates – What if you could update all of your social media profiles with one app update? We can do that. We’ll also add important information that is usable on each platform, making sure that each post is optimized for the best SEO rankings.
  • Future updates and releases will include additional functionality….

All of your internet marketing efforts –
we take care of it all

Making decisions on internet marketing, SEO, website development, social media, and pay-per-click is confusing, we get that.  There is so much misinformation out there, and that combined with every sales person telling you they have the next magic internet bullet can make these decisions almost impossible.

At City Ranked Media we take the confusion out of the whole process.  Everything we do is easily explained, we don’t use software programs that somehow increase your rankings.  Simply put, everything we do is just hard work in the right places.  Unlike other SEO companies, we don’t use unethical or borderline practices that could get your website penalized.

We do just about everything internet related for small business!
(photography too!)

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