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Native apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Native and web-based app development doesn’t have to be out of reach for small businesses. At City Ranked Media we challenged ourselves to make small business apps affordable for just about any business.


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Native App Development

Native apps (applications) are programs that are built for a specific device or operating platform. For example, a programmer may wish to develop an app that uses a phone’s ability to take photos as part of the app’s functionality, or perhaps they would like to target messages to users in a specific geographic area, which would require the ability to use the phone’s GPS coordinates. These would be examples of apps that would require native app development as they access the operating platform to function, which in most cases would be iOS (Apple devices), or Android (Google devices).

Aside from the obvious benefits of native apps being able to access the operating system capabilities to provide a more enriching experience for both the end user and the app owner, native apps are typically available (depending on your developer) for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play. This has several benefits. When choosing to have an app developed, there are many factors that must be considered for long-term viability and customer use. Weighing factors such as cost, updates, desired functionality, testing, user experience, roll-out, customer adoption, and continued user experience improvements should be a part of any app development strategy.

When it comes to small business app development, prices can range widely based on the platform the app is developed on. City Ranked Media builds apps on an open-source platform that allows us to develop apps for budget-conscious businesses.

Native app development is not as expensive as most business owners think.

Small Business App Development

Mobile compatibility and native apps are the wave of the future when it comes to engagement with your customers. What used to cost thousands of dollars in development costs and programming has become simpler as technology has advanced. City Ranked Media is certified with Apple and Google for native app development and inclusion on the App Store and Google Play. Looking to give your business a clear differentiator between your competition? An app may be the answer. City Ranked Media has developed many apps to give small businesses a competitive edge over their competition.

We’ve Developed and Have a Patent Pending On An App That Caters To Small Businesses. Call Us Today To See If It’s Right For You.

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Web Based Apps

Web based apps (applications) are apps built to be accessed via an http connection. Typically these apps use a device’s web browser to access the program and perform the built-in functionality.Web-based apps are attractive to many because of their ease of deployment for multiple types of devices. Since the app is developed to work within a web browser, as long as the device has internet connectivity with web capabilities, the app should work. This makes these types of apps attractive to the budget-conscience as they only require development and upkeep of one app platform, as opposed to a typical native app which requires separate development and upkeep for iOS and Android.

The biggest downside to web-based apps is their inability to interact with a device’s operating system such as GPS, camera, push-notifications, and other operating system functionality. For those that require access to operating system functionality and features, web-based apps typically won’t work, however web-based apps can be a great economical alternative to more costly native app development.

Web based apps have many great features and benefits that shouldn’t be discounted when compared to their native counterparts. City Ranked Media develops web-based apps with the ability to perform many functions that a full blown website can do. Having a clear understanding of your app’s ultimate goal(s) and required functionality will help determine the best solution to develop your business app.

Depending on your specific needs, a web-based app may be the right solution for your specific project.

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