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Campaign Reporting

SEO, PPC, and Conversion

Rate Reporting

Transparent Reporting: So You Know What’s Working 

Agencies are wondering what exactly their SEO company is doing for them every month. We offer a verifiable return on investment to every client. No need to wonder what we’re doing, because you’ll know it’s working.

SEO Reporting

Depending on the level of SEO, City Ranked clients get access to as much, or as little information as they want.
SEO Reporting

Social Media Reporting

At City Ranked, we provide monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly reporting to prove the growth and development you’ll experience with our social media strategies.
Social Media Reporting

Transparent Website Reporting

Are you getting your money’s worth each month, or is your SEO agency sitting back collecting a check for doing little to no work?

At City Ranked we challenged ourselves to prove to our clients the work we do every single month, and not only prove it, but provide the reporting in real-time… and that’s exactly what we have done.

SEO That Produces Results

At City Ranked, we prove each and every month that our efforts are producing results. We provide each and every customer with detailed reporting with many measurable metrics that contribute to a successful SEO campaign. Unlike many SEO companies, we provide 100% transparency to our clients so they know we’re not taking shortcuts, or dabbling in SEO tactics that could hurt their website in the long run.

Our results and our transparent reporting model shows you that you’re getting what you pay for every single month.

Real-Time Website & SEO Workflow Notifications

City Ranked proves our value every day to our clients. From detailed monthly reporting of services rendered to verifiable return on investment reporting, to real-time workflow tracking, our clients know they’re getting the value they deserve.

We offer an industry-leading ticketing system to keep our clients in the know about every single project we’re completing for them. Want to know where we’re at on that change you requested? No need to ask because you’ll know before you even begin to wonder about it.

Detailed Call & Action Tracking

City Ranked uses specially programmed call tracking that only changes your phone number on your website if someone finds your business in the organic section (or paid search section if you choose) of the search results.

We use machine learning to grade every call that comes in with a quality score index and only report on the calls that are deemed high-quality leads.

Some of Our Partners

What we do works.
Our work delivers results, and we can prove it.

We focus on business growth.

What we do works, and we can prove it.

At City Ranked, we shift the focus from keyword rankings to actual business growth. Who cares if your site ranks #1 on Google for a specific keyword if you don’t see positive growth in yearly revenue?

We’ve put together a few case studies showcasing the tremendous growth we’ve helped our clients see, across several industries.

See Our Case Studies >

Transparent Digital Marketing Reporting to Grow Your Business

We believe in 100% transparency. If you aren’t seeing the results you need to grow your business, we’re doing our job wrong. We don’t just make your phone ring, we make sure you’re getting quality leads from potential customers.

Our monthly reporting outlines the growth of your business based on two important metrics:

  1. Traffic to Your Website: We focus on driving quality traffic to your website. What determines quality traffic?
    • Location
    • Demographic
    • Intent to Convert
  2. Conversions from Your Website: We leverage quality traffic into leads for your business. What type of leads can you expect?
    • Phone Calls
    • Form Submissions
    • Shopping Cart Purchases

We do all of this to achieve one goal: growing your business.

Kelly Kirchner
Content Lead

Kelly Kirchner, Content Lead at CityRanked Media

Working at City Ranked
provides me the chance to challenge myself and cultivate my skill set. With the encouragement and support from our department leaders, everyone is motivated to do their best work to make a lasting difference for our clients. I feel lucky for the opportunity to work alongside a group of talented, passionate, and friendly individuals every single day!

Campaign Reporting & Analytics in Vancouver WA - Portland OR - Nationwide

City Ranked is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency with Clients in Oregon, Washington & Select Industries Nationwide:

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