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About City Ranked Media

We were founded with three simple principles: to educate, to empower, and to let you the customer, decide.

The City Ranked Media Team

City Ranked Media was founded upon a simple principle: To deliver outstanding advertising results to our customers using a transparent model and fostering clear and open communication on results achieved. City Ranked Media proves the value of our services to our clients each and every day.

Our philosophy from the very beginning was to educate,  empower, and let the customer decide for themselves the best options for their internet presence.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization takes into account search engine ranking factors (often called search engine algorithms) to boost a website’s visibility for desired keywords.  Search engine optimization can be broken down into two separate and distinct areas of expertise: On-Page SEO, which includes all SEO efforts completed on a website, and Off-Page SEO, which are all SEO efforts that take place off the website.

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Enterprise Level SEO Solutions

City Ranked clients get powerful enterprise level tools backed by an experienced team of internet advertising professionals. Get the power of big business solutions for your small business.


We have extensive experience in Search Engine Optimization, Local Search Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click Management, Landing Page Optimization, Link Building and other internet marketing strategies.

We manage many successful internet marketing campaigns. We do so through a holistic approach to building keyword-based relevance for our clients’ websites and local listings to drive quality local organic traffic and augment that traffic with highly targeted and conversion-ready paid traffic.

What’s it like working with City Ranked?


Client decision means we make it simple, and we put the client in charge. From start to finish our programs have been developed with one thing in mind — our customers. We have a deep understanding of small businesses and the unique challenges they face when it comes to managing all aspects of their business. We understand that you are searching for help with your internet advertising and marketing, because let’s face it, if you had the time, you’d do it yourself and save the money.

When we say we make it easy, that’s exactly what we mean. From the start of your interactions with us, you’ll notice that everything we do is designed to save time for you. City Ranked clients enjoy unobstructed access to their Account Manager, Web Developer, Graphic Artist and Content Development Specialist. Imagine having an entire professional marketing team at your disposal each and every month! And we don’t wait for our clients to call; we’re proactive and we conduct monthly meetings with each and every one of our clients to ensure everything is running exactly the way you want it.


Client Education is important in the world of internet advertising products. How else can you as a business owner make educated decisions, unless you yourself are versed on how the search engines work and what they grade your business on? Many internet advertising companies hold back on the exact tactics they employ for their customers when it comes to search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and website design. Our first order of business with any new client is to teach them the simple rules to selecting the right advertising company, the rules that the major search engines want everyone to abide by, and determining what should be important for their business when making this crucial decision.


Client empowerment is something that many internet advertising companies won’t bring up. Client empowerment means you’re in charge, you own your results, you own your website and you ultimately decide for yourself if you want us to keep working for you. Here at City Ranked Media, we don’t believe in long-term contracts–our philosophy is that if we don’t earn your business each and every month, you should terminate our relationship. Talk about empowerment! You control the direction of your advertising, not a paper contract and a team of lawyers.

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